About Valnet

Valnet Bathfittings

Valnet is the top Bathfittings Manufacturers in India. We are a reputable company known for using the highest-quality spare parts for manufacturing a variety of fitting accessories.We provide a selection of unique bathroom fixtures that explore the incredibly smooth operation and calming appearance and experience.Since 1990, one of the country’s oldest and most reputed business entities, Valnet has been a leading manufacturer of bathroom products. In 2008, it was established as an Original Equipment Manufacturer in India to deal with Bath Fittings, Water Heaters, and Kitchen Sinks, and trademarked and registered as a Valnet in 2021. The Valnet ideology of trust, usefulness, value offerings, and contemporaneity perfectly encapsulates the brand essence. In keeping with its history, Valnet keeps growing and forging ahead as a supplier of comprehensive and modern bathroom solutions for India.Your trust is the foundation of our long-standing relationship, and we are proud of it. And we pledge to keep providing superior quality, appealing pricing, a wide selection, and unmatched service. Our products are meticulously crafted to fit your needs, imagination, space, and budget. The best bathroom solutions are simple. worth the money. Our sterling quality, in our opinion, can only be matched by affordability. Our core values, which are the secret ingredients in our ground-breaking bathroom fixtures, are something we constantly strive to reinvent in order to keep up with our dynamic users. Our experimental designs, which regularly defy convention and set trends, reflect the organization’s youthful and joyful spirit. We offer a wide selection of products in many different models that showcase rust-free materials, cutting-edge design, stunning finish, etc. Our selection of products has exceptional exotic qualities that are unmatched. We create our products in such an elegant way that they maintain a uniform aesthetic throughout the Bathrooms. The best technological know-how and creative minds are used to create these accessories with an elegant touch."

Business Verticals

We provide a large selection of bathroom fixtures, parryware, and hindware that are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and a lifetime guarantee of quality. In our product and faucets segments, we have cutting-edge brands that cover the full spectrum, like Hindware Collection (the premium brands) and Hindware (mass segment brands). The VALNET is the first brand to introduce super-slim tiles in the glass vitrified category that provides an enviable selection of large format slabs for rooms that exude opulence.

Our Core Values

Quality, technology, sustainability, and design. Four brand principles demonstrate our dedication to producing outstanding experiences. In order for you to notice the difference each time you turn on a Valnet tap mixer or enter a Valnet shower, we set our standards extremely high.